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In the Beginning – A Brief History of Winnsboro First Assembly

An obedient pioneer with a fervent desire to work in God’s Kingdom asked, “Where, Lord?”  The clear reply was, “Winnsboro.”

Kate Porter Weatherby resided in Kilgore, Texas in the early 1940’s when this brief conversation took place.  She knew nothing of Winnsboro before the Lord spoke the name to her.  After locating the small town on a map, she waited prayerfully almost a year before traveling some 75 miles to “spy out the land.”

Mrs. Weatherby spotted a house being moved by a truck just before she drove into Winnsboro for that first visit.  This house became the temporary church within a few months.  The purchase price was $1,500.

Property for the present facilities was purchased in February, 1944 by Mrs. Weatherby.  Rev. Albert Clark served as pastor during the initial building program in 1944.  First Assembly of God of Winnsboro was organized officially in December, 1945, and an adjoining lot with a house was purchased for the pastor’s residence.

The present auditorium and education facilities were dedicated in August, 1951.  Extensive remodeling took place in 1971 and 1972.  A lovely three bedroom parsonage was constructed in 1969.

A fellowship hall was added in September, 1979 – again marking the progress for the church.  The hall connects conveniently to the sanctuary.

In 1995 the adjacent building was purchased and a connecting hall was built to the main building.  This would serve several purposes, but the main use was for the Youth Center.

The Pastors of First

Assembly of God in Winnsboro, Texas were:

Rev. Albert Clark
1944 -1959
Rev. Curtis Brandon
1959 -1961
Rev. Marvin Capehart
1961 -1972
Rev. Dial Cook 1972 -1976
Rev. L.D. Smith
1976 -1981
Rev. Floyd Gray
1981 -1984
Rev. Vince Hicks
1984 -2000
Rev. Brian Elliott
2000 -2006
Rev. Ancel Compton 2006 -2008
Rev. Arthur Walden
2008 -2013
Rev.  Charles Starks 2014 – 2016
2016 – 2016